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Forum Usage Tips

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I wanted to throw together some quick tips for using this forum! There are a lot of features which aren't obvious that will help you tailor your experience on here, so I've outlined some of them below.

Your Notifications
At the top right, you can find a bell icon and a link to your Notifications. This is where you can view notifications, which will let you know when someone replies to your post, quotes you, or reacts to your post. If you Subscribe to a topic (more info below) you will also see those notifications here.

You can create custom settings about what you'll be notified about by selecting "Settings" from the Notifications drop-down and changing those values.
Keeping track of your favorite topics
You can use the wrench icon at the top left of a topic to Subscribe to or Bookmark that topic.

Bookmarking a topic is a bit like favoriting it. You can access your bookmarks from the User Control Panel. You can also use Smartfeed to create an RSS feed containing just your bookmarked topics.

Subscribing to a topic will notify you of new posts in a particular topic. Your forum notifications can be found on the top right.
Familiarizing yourself with Quick Links
The Quick Links dropdown at the top left of the forum has links to different views of the forum. From this menu you can find a link to your own posts, a link to new posts (since you last visited), unread posts, unanswered topics (topics with no replies) and active topics.
Reporting a post
If you see a post that breaks our rules, you can report it by selecting the ! icon at the top right of any post. This will take you to a new page where you can specify the details of your report. Submitting this form will notify the moderation team.

You can also block a user by adding them to your Foes list in the UCP.
Familiarizing yourself with the User Control Panel
You can find the User Control Panel or UCP by selecting your name at the top right and choosing the User Control Panel link. There are a few tabs outlined below, but basically this section lets you customize your ~forum experience~:
  • Overview - here is where you can manage your subscriptions, bookmarks, drafts and notifications. This page also displays some statistics about your account.
  • Profile - here is where you set your profile info (the stuff that displays in the sidebar when you post), your signature, avatar, username, password and email address.
  • Board preferences - here is where you can choose a custom theme and also set your timezone as well as some defaults for posting on the forum, who can contact you, etc.
  • Private messages - here is your personal inbox
  • Friends and Foes - here is where you can view and add friends or foes (people you've blocked)
  • Topic/Post Reactions - here is where you can set specific defaults regarding reactions, who can react to your posts, disabling certain reactions, etc.
Saving a post as a draft
If you've typed something out, but don't want to post it yet but also don't want to lose it - select Save draft at the bottom of the screen. When a draft is saved, you can recover it by visiting the User Control Panel and selecting Manage drafts. While it's in that area, you can edit/save an existing draft. Selecting Load draft will load the draft ready to be posted to the forum you had initially started it on. If you save the draft again, it will appear as a new copy/revision alongside the original. Once you publish a post from a specific draft, the draft no longer appears in the menu.
Reacting to a post
Select the 'smiley' dropdown at the top right of a user's post to send a reaction. To view all reactions on a user's post, select the reaction icon at the bottom right.

Creating polls
Any old topic can have a poll included. You can do this by creating a topic as usual and then selecting Poll creation at the bottom. This will allow you to attach a poll and set it up with custom options, etc.

If there's anything else I should add that you've found tucked away in the settings, let me know and I can update this post! ^^
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