DO NOT Bypass paywalls

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DO NOT Bypass paywalls

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I think it's destroying journalism
you need to see free news sites they all sucks really hard due to ads
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Re: DO NOT Bypass paywalls

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can't say i agree

the internet should be a place for free, accessible resources, in my head, and paywalls restrict that.

similar to suggesting that we shouldnt be creating open-source alternatives to proprietary or paid software; in my head things should be open-source by default and then folks can choose whether to support creators (contextually here: journalists) with however much they can afford.

also would imagine that if all news sources were to adopt a paid stance online; there would be a lot of misinformation from folks who have paid being in the loop and being able to adapt news to fit an agenda.

overall, just doesnt seem like a good idea to me. do you have any other reasons you feel this way except for ads - which can be circumvented with an adblocker or running a text-only browser like lynx?
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