A Guide to Reporting

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A Guide to Reporting

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How to report a post

To report a post, click the exclamation mark button on the post.


Then, use the form sections to explain why you're reporting the post.


When you submit that form, it will be sent to the moderators to review.

When to report a post

The main guideline for when to report a post should be the forum rules.

However, there may be situations in which the rules don't seem to apply to the situation at hand. Here are some guidelines to follow to think about when reporting a post:
  1. If the post is not rulebreaking itself, does it seem to be encouraging rulebreaking behavior? Does it seem like the post will only lead to bad-faith or disruptive conversation?
  2. Does the post seem to be attempting to cause outrage or fear?
  3. Is the account that posted strange? Is it brand new with only seemingly bait or inflammatory posts?
  4. Do other forum users also think the post is borderline? Consider asking some friends if they think the post should be reported.
  5. Has the topic been brought up before in other spaces you've been in and caused arguments? Some topics are banned or otherwise very heavily moderated due to being a consistent problem for communities. Let us know if a topic of that nature pops up.
Please know that good faith reporting will never be punished. Even if we find that the post is not rulebreaking, we appreciate your help in moderating the community. The Yesterweb currently have a small staff team, and we need all the help we can get.

However, please know that bad faith reporting may lead to warnings or bans.

Bad faith reporting looks like:
  1. Mass-reporting users after you have been told that the user has not been breaking any rules.
  2. Reporting someone's post because they posted something you personally disagree with.
  3. Reporting random posts in an attempt to clog the system or get attention from the staff team.
Finally, here are some miscellaneous notes on reporting:

If a user has made multiple rule-breaking posts, make a single report and detail in the form the other rule-breaking behaviors you've seen. Staff will check that user's post history. This is to avoid the system being clogged with multiple reports on a single user in a short span of time.

All forum staff have access to the reports that are sent in. If, for whatever reason, you decide to report a moderator, consider DMing another member of staff with evidence rather than using the report system if the information is sensitive and/or there is a fear of retaliation.
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