What's your hometown mystery?

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What's your hometown mystery?

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Anything actually baffling that defies reality in your hometown? Share it here. I need some new mysteries to really dive into.

The case of James Leo Howe who went missing in 1987 and has never been seen since is my hometown mystery. Disappointed there is not much information available about it.

Can't wait to hear all yours!
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Re: What's your hometown mystery?

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My hometown (a small town, ~16 000 residents) also has a missing person case that's been bothering me for a while now. It's a fairly new incident (2020) where a 17 year old boy disappeared one night and hasn't been found since.

He was at a party downtown when he suddenly left without warning. His brother was also there and they were reportedly not that drunk and there were no other drugs involved. When they realised he wasn't in the bathroom as they thought but had left the apartment they went looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen and naturally the police got involved fairly quickly considering it was a december night and he didn't even have shoes on (!). Reports started coming in from the other end of the town that he'd been knocking on doors throughout the night and one of his socks was found in the woods close by. Intensive searching began and didn't let up for months. They searched with helicopters, search parties, divers (we have a midsize stream going through the town), dogs, you name it they used it. Nothing. Voluntary search parties have been carried out regularly ever since, but he's completely vanished.

There's no animals in those parts of the country that could harm him. The stream goes through a water treatment plant with lots of filters. The forest isn't hard to search, no hard to reach areas. But still, he's just absolutely gone. No further traces of him but the sock.
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