Rate the poster's song above (Forum Game)

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Rate the poster's song above (Forum Game)

Post by OppositeKeith »

a thread with a simple premise:
post a link to a song you like

person who replies to this thread shares their opinion on the song you linked (etc, you like?,no like?, favorite part or aspect to it? go wild with it). and in the same post they also link a song they like for the next person to listen and review.

and repeat, a cycle awaits.
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Re: Rate the poster's song above

Post by princemaggots »

Nice, Pavement! I like them, even though I don't listen to them a lot. :D I liked how they switch shirts in the music video - small detail, but i thought it was funny.

here's one song (and music video) I like by one of my favorite bands -
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Re: Rate the poster's song above

Post by Anachronism »

That above song was interesting....

I enjoyed it, but was definitely surprised. It felt very rich. Also, that is a pretty cool music video.


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