Character Page Layout Ideas?

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Character Page Layout Ideas?

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okay, so I'm just gonna copy and paste what I said on the ToyHouse forums onto here cause I don't feel like rewriting everything:

I've been trying to update my website and I made a huge to-do list on things I want to add to my website via my "updates" webpage. however, it keeps growing by the minute with every new idea i get and i have no clue on where to start first. all i know is that i'm saving the last three bulletin points for last after everything is said and done.

this is on top of me wanting to re-do my character pages so they're just not stand-ins for their respective ToyHouse pages. any ideas on what i should do with those? to paraphrase someone in the thread i posted in on TH, I want it to be something like this:

"There's a character page on the site but it wouldn't be a complete list as that's what my TH is for, the character pages will just be cool lil pages decorated with the aesthetic of the character in mind, like character pages on video game or webcomic websites but cooler."

How should I go about designing a layout like that? Point is, I want it to focus more on individual character aesthetics and less on storing a lot of information about the character.

EDIT: I figured it out.
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