how do you feel about WYSIWYG editors?

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how do you feel about WYSIWYG editors?

Post by nightwolf334 »

What you see is what you get editors are programs like DreamWeaver, or BlueGriffon that let you design your website with a drag and drop feel to it. They often show a side-by-side of your canvas and the code that would be behind what you have made on your canvas.

I find WYSIWYG editors as helpful to the design process, but they sometimes are misleading as things never function in reality as they do in the editor. Using a mixture of WYSIWYG editors and manually writing some HTML gives me the best results.

However, as someone who is looking to have a website that has frequent additions like blogs, and reviews. I am hoping for some in between that maximizes the time I have writing content, and minimizes the time I have tinkering with HTML. I am curious to hear how others use WYSIWYG editors, or if anyone has any input on their place in their workflow.
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Re: how do you feel about WYSIWYG editors?

Post by BradE »

I think they can reduce the bar to entry for people who want to express themselves by making their own website but are intimidated by hand coding. They can expand the user base of people making their own websites which is what we want if we want the independent web to grow .

Some people learn HTML by starting out with a WYSIWYG editor because they eventually start seeing how raw code works.

Bottom line: Just create. It's all good so long as it renders in all kinds of browsers.
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