What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

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What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by theymightbefoxes »

I'm curious about any non-technical challenges you may have encountered while making your site or other anecdotes about how the way you built your site reflects your identity. Stuff like being iffy on a certain design choice, explanations for an unusual site setup, why the way your site is appeals to you, a design you had to tinker with a bunch before you were satisfied with it, etc.
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by Zoraster »

1 Proper contrast is important: White text on black background is fine for scan reading, but black text on white is much better for reading by block.

2 Using non-default colors for everything makes pages look modern. It also adds creativity.

3 The content sections of my pages have a max width. Websites that span across the entire screen on a large monitor look strange to me.

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	max-width: 750px;
4 Images on my pages are clickable because a lot of people often want to look at enlarged versions of images imbeded in webpages.

5 Having a couple of style sheets ― instead of doing css inline in each html page ― makes making changes much easier. Only the style sheets need to be edited if I want to change something.

6 My website emerged. I didn't have a vision beforehand on what exactly it would look like and made (make) aesthetic decisions slowly over time.

7 I resized images to keep loading times fast. Some pictures I take on my photoes are 10mb and but can be resized to 200kb (2% of original size) without much of a notable difference in image quality. Images normally has be be resized anyhow in the html so there is no reason not to do this.

8 Added in css for pointer animation so that it's easier for users to know what content is hyperlinked.

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cursor: pointer;

9 For the HTML I used the meta tag that resizes the page for different sized windows.

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<meta name='viewport' content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1'>

For my site I was going for a more formal and serious look as my content is more formal and serious. This meant that I made my publication and blog pages have a consistant format. It meant that the only colors I ended up using were shades of [Red, Black, White]. It meant that I avoided flashy gifs.

My essays look better without a menu header so my navigation is at the bottom. I added a sticky drop-down menu for mobile accesibility purposes.

Keen on suggestions if anyone has any!
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by sixeyes »

I see you already found my thread on dividing topics, which is one of my greater concerns. It's fun to think about.

Outside of that, i have a few principles that i stick to for "ideological" reasons:
  • No javascript unless that's the point (ie for "apps"/experiments but not for presentation, design, or cute enhancements)
  • No cookies
  • No off-site resources - except from clickable links, i want everything on my domain. Which means no embeds, and saving+rehosting any buttons or such. (As an example, i would embed a youtube video, screenshot the preview, and then put that screenshot instead with a link to the video)
Design-wise, i want a visit to my site to feel like exploration, walking through different rooms in some repurposed industrial building or so. As such, i don't care much for coherency across different pages, things usually look completely different.

There's no menu bar or similar, but usually i will put a link at the top and/or bottom to go "up" one step in the hierarchy of pages/folders. (Site is mostly handwritten HTML and i use a folder structure for organizing/structuring. Years ago i ran worpress and later various homegrown php content management "solutions", but ahhhh it's just a much calmer experience to write everything manually...)
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by juette »

im making things up as i go along tbh. at some point i was like "hey a semi-transparent black grid background would look cooler than a semi-transparent plain black background" so thats what i did. if i see some deisgn element i like on someone else's website i might copy it. i just want to hve fun
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by 少女の口びるに蝶よ止まれ »

Text should be big enough to be easily readable. No shadows. No animations. No transitions. No curves. Borders are both pretty and helpful. Other than that, I'm still figuring it out.

I have the (purely aesthetic, not moral or anything) feeling that speed and simplicity depict technological power better than the many shenanigans modern web design deploys. I'm not too keen on simply reproducing old trends on my site though (still, I love seeing it done by others), so I'm trying my best to join new and old elements into a cohesive whole.
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by nightwolf334 »

At the core of my design philosophy is me. I do not mean this in an artistical sense, but more so that my site needs to put showing content at the forefront. An example of this would be Richard Stallman's website, which while an eyesore, is incredibly good at displaying information. Its antique aesthetic serves a purpose and is not at odds with the information it is trying to share.
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by ZinRicky »

I don’t have a single philosophy for every website I build, because I think it’s the scope of the site that dictates what you should / shouldn’t do. For instance, on my main blog I use edgy colours and custom fonts, whereas on my other site everything looks like a printed page.
In my opinion, the only rule that applies to everything is “nothing more than what you need”: if you need JS because you want fancy dropdown menus, add it; if you need cookies to remember your readers’ dark/light theme preferences, implement them. Just don’t load 10 MB of uselessness just because you followed a tutorial that did so (maybe said tutorial would need that 10 MB JS to do cool things, but chances are you won’t do such things on your personal blog).
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by VeryGoodDog »

much like just about everything i program, i wanna learn, its not about how the site looks but about what i learned. while i do try to put something maybe useful on it, my means are honestly way more than is needed. i use a custom "cms" and markdown generator to turn markdown files into their own pages. as sixeyes said, hand making pages is a lot easier than using an overly complex cms. what i did is honestly overkill for how small my site is, but i learned about php routing and making the markdown generator was a pretty big challenge when i made it.
furthermore, i use scss because its cleaner and different. its a bit of a pain to have to Build every time i make changes to my css but i find scss is easier to read.
i do have pretty ... strong feelings about php but i work with it because i like getting more experience and learning
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by trashguts »

my website is first & foremost for myself rather for anyone else, because i'm not a professional and this is at best a kind of tertiary hobby for me haha
that being said, i try to at least keep things readable. but i want my site to be full of things i like & that make me happy to look at! otherwise i wouldn't want to work on it at all, it'd be too boring! :')
so it has things like, a javascript cursor sparkle trail i found online & added (i don't know any javascript myself haha), no central CSS document and instead CSS varies dramatically by page, a lot of half-finished pages and simple half-working layouts...
i even have a page specifically for abandoned projects (a "project graveyard" page), just because i know the kind of person i am! that way, abandoning a project doesn't feel like a failure so much as "oh well, now the project graveyard page won't feel so empty!"...!

if it was something i wanted to take more seriously i'd definitely have a very different approach. even my comics website is a lot more formal, despite being mostly in comic sans-- it was built with jekyll and has consistent styling across every page, at least, and better navigation! but my personal website is my space to put whatever i want, so i don't want to bother with that kind of stuff.
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Re: What's your philosophy behind how you build your site?

Post by marginalia »

I don't know if I have a philosophy, other than to be deliberate with my choices. If I can't tell you why something is the way it is, it probably should be some other way.
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